Monday, June 17, 2013

Life in 'Rado.

I guess after being here for a little more than a month, it's about time I did my first COLORADO post. So looking back now on what I thought life out here would be before I took that huge leap of faith... I truly had NO idea what I was getting myself into. And for the record, I like it WAY more than I thought I would.... and I've barely scratched the surface of this place. I started a job that I absolutely love, met a lot of new friends, and have been able to do a little exploring. This coming Sunday, this place will be getting 100x better.... because Fiance will be moving here. It's.finally.happening.

So, let's start with the road trip, shall we? Longest drive of my life... but I had some good company. We stopped a couple of times to stretch our legs and saw parts of the country neither of us had seen before. And let's just say there is NOTHING in Kansas. If I never saw that state again, I would NOT be mad. (No offense to you Kansas lovers out there...) The one thing that I thought was incredibly interesting were the miles and miles of wind turbines. There would be fields of them as far as you could see. That's how much open space there was in Kansas. Woof.

 Obviously had to stop at Superman's Hometown.

St. Louis.

Miles and miles of nothing. But the occasional wind turbine field. 

And then... all of the sudden... we came across the most fabulous thing we had seen in approximately 1300 miles..... a sign welcoming us to a small slice of Heaven.

We obviously weren't that excited....

Naturally, the entire 4 days Fiance stayed here with me were spent exploring our new state. We were so thankful for GPS.... and the fact that Mom and Pop sent us traveling with a bag full of AAA maps and tourist guides (which I made sure no locals saw.... I think the AL tags on the car give enough away...eeekkk). I was absolutely blown away at the sights of the Rocky Mountains. I didn't dream they would be this breathtaking... and still are every time I get in my car and drive anywhere in the westward direction.

I mean. Come. On.

Then, as quickly as we'd arrived, Fiance was gone. And it was just me. To figure this new place out on my own. I was more nervous about just being in a new place that I knew close to NOTHING about than scared. I knew that I would have no problem meeting people and making new friends. It's just always a challenge learning a new place. Luckily, I was blessed with an awesome temporary roommate who made me feel right at home. First thing we did after Fiance left was take a little trip to Red Rocks. For exercise purposes, of course. I had no idea people went there for any other reason than to party at a concert.... learned something new. And about got my butt kicked by the "altitude change". It's been my excuse for long enough I think....

The following week, I started my job. I could not have been blessed with a better position here in Colorado. I LOVE all of the people that I work with... and actually really enjoy what I'm doing. I'm getting to work directly with patients and am learning so much every single day. Everyone on my team has been incredibly helpful in getting me oriented to the new job and is extremely willing to help out whenever I need it. I've met some awesome people so far.... and can't wait to see what else is in store. 

After a couple weeks of trying (unsuccessfully) to find a place to rent, I decided on a little mountain therapy. A nice run/hike at the mountains in Red Rocks. It helped me clear my head and helped remind me again just why it was we wanted to move out here. Like I mentioned before... every time I take a good look at the mountains and scenery here, I'm overwhelmed by the beauty. This place is more than I bargained for. And I couldn't be happier. 

 Tell me that just doesn't take your breath away. And this is just in the Foothills!

The next day, I was convinced wanted to do the Incline at Manitou Springs. Let's just say I had NO idea what I was getting myself into when I agreed to this. Had I been hiking this type of mountain anywhere in the south, I might have died due to the incredible humidity and sweltering heat... but something about the dryness in the air here made it a little more bearable. This "Incline" I am referring to is over 2,000 steps made of mostly railroad ties straight up the mountain. It is only a 1.02 mile hike.. but combined with an average of a 41% grade the entire way and a summit of 8,585 feet, it is far more difficult than it sounds. Good thing I brought lots of water!

 Not even halfway there.
FINALLY halfway there....

And BOOM... I made it to the top. Still alive and kicking. Kind of.
Coolest part of all... the view from the top! Made it all worth it.

After that... it was back to business. Time to get serious and find us a place to live. And find I did. All coming together. It's a super cute little house in Arvada. Fits perfectly for what we need right now.... and best of all has a park right down the street with... you guessed it... a FABULOUS view of those stunning Rocky Mountains I've been gushing so much about. I know, I know... I'm in love. Sorry, Fiance...

So, with all that being said, I've made it. Ladies and Gents, I've survived nearly 6 weeks out here in this little piece of Heaven on my own. Done a little exploring. Discovered a little more about myself. Realized that I CAN take a leap of faith and enjoy it on my own. And realized just how dern excited I am for all the upcoming adventures this breathtaking state has to offer. Not to mention the company I'll have joining me FOR GOOD this Sunday. Life is good. 


Thursday, May 2, 2013


Ok, so I know it’s been since December the last time I blogged… and I honestly have no good excuses for why I haven’t, so I’m just going to jump right back in.

Over the past month, so many new and exciting things have taken place in my life. I had the honor of being a part of one of my best friend’s wedding. Of course, we made sure to follow through with all of the typical wedding festivities, with the bachelorette party obviously being the MOST important! We had a fun girls weekend in Nash-vegas. I think it was a weekend that was much needed for all of us. As a mushy side note, I am so thankful that this group of girls has let me join their little clan. I can’t even begin to explain how much I have enjoyed their friendships thus far. I’m looking forward to many more fun, eventful times with this crew!

Nash-vegas with the ladies.

Mr. and Mrs. Clements

The night before this beautiful wedding, I get a phone call that another of my very best friends in the ENTIRE world is engaged! What a weekend for love! I am just thrilled that I'm going to be able to be a part of their special day as well.

The *future* Mrs. Brantley.

Then, (and I think this one’s the COOLEST)… I got a big ole’ fat ROCK from my favorite person in the entire world. And not even just that, I actually get to marry him and spend the rest of my life going on adventures with him! How did he propose, you ask? Well, I’d be more than happy to share that adventure with you. 

I mean this boy did GOOD!

It all started out with a gorgeous morning drive from Pell City to meet with up with my crew at Palisades Park. We had been planning on climbing for a couple weeks and were thrilled that the weather that day was going to be so perfect. I got there a little before everyone else, so I had some time to myself to sit on top of the rock/mountain and just enjoy some quiet time. I had a lot on my mind (which you’ll find out more about later…). Everyone arrived, dogs in tow, and we hiked down to the bottom to set up our climbing spot. We picked a place where we could top rope with two ropes, that way more than one person could be climbing at a time. One of the ropes was also positioned so that if anyone wanted to rappel, they could. We strung up a few hammocks, suited up in our harnesses and got to climbing. After a bit, it was decided that our fabulous photog friend should tie in at the top and get some stellar pics from that angle. So one person climbed and he photographed her. Super cool pics. Then, it came my turn again. I must say, this is the hardest wall I’ve climbed yet (being a newbie, still, and all), but I decided to try my luck. The dude belaying me was super encouraging and we even documented a few pictures of my trying to give up… but he just wouldn’t let me! I HAD to make it to the top. Boyfriend (at the time!) decided somewhere amidst all of this that he wanted to rappel down the other rope. After he made sure I hit the top, he talked me into jumping down a bit and trying to swing over to him so we could get a sweet little picture together hanging on the side of the wall. I feel like it took me 87 tries to swing over to him, but we finally grabbed hands… and the sign of relief on his face was overwhelming (looking back now, of course!).  He said some incredibly sweet, love-y things that I’ll keep between us and pulled out a gorgeous ring from his pocket. At this point, I think I might have screamed, laughed, cried and thrown my head back in excitement a dozen times. And of course I said YES, that I would love to marry him! The photog captured every moment of this joyous occasion, even the part where FIANCÉ slipped the ring on my shaking, excited hand… without dropping it, might I add.

Happiest day of my life... so far.

So not only have I been a part of a wedding AND gotten engaged in the past month, but I was offered a wonderful job in Denver, Colorado… so we’re MOVING! Talk about a busy month! Fiancé is driving me out west next week and will help get me settled in before flying back the following weekend. He will be at least a month before he can move… so I’ll have a lot of work to do in finding us a new home! This move will most definitely be a bittersweet one. I am so looking forward to this next adventure in our lives together… and could not be more thrilled to be able to share it with him! The downside is that we can’t pack up our friends and family and move them with us. Speaking for both of us, I know that we could not have gotten where we are today without the support from these people in our lives. Our families have helped mold us into who we are, and being so far away from them will certainly be a challenge. They will, however, now have a good excuse to take a vacation out west!  

I know this post has been rather nostalgic, but that’s how I’ve been feeling lately. I guess the thoughts of not only moving so far away, but of getting to start a married life with the man of my dreams, have made me so much more aware of the people in my life and the way they have impacted my life through the years. So… enough of the gushy stuff… now you’ll just have to hold out for pictures and stories of our upcoming adventures! I’ve promised friends, family, and co-workers that I’d keep this little ole’ blog updated with the goings on in our lives. Just so you can have a little taste of the FUN we’ll be having.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Welcome, welcome, welcome...

I have been debating on creating a blog for quite some time now.  To have a way to connect with new people in other walks of life and share the craziness and happenings that I call my own, I couldn't think of a better way than to start a blog. The only thing that held me back from the actual creation of this little blog.... may or may not have been coming up with a creative name. So, I guess that's where I should start, telling you why I eventually decided on "Quarter Life Frenzy". Here goes nothing...

HI. It's me.


Over the past year, this twenty-something, southern gal has experienced changes, overcome challenges, and taken on numerous adventures. My personal goal ,almost exactly one year ago today, was to do whatever it took to discover who I am and to enjoy every aspect of my own life, not live it to please others. It took quite some time to get to the point where I was comfortable "living outside the box", if you will.... but MAN am I glad I took that little leap! And the best part is, I'm still going strong! Cranking my way through my twenties and soaking up every single minute of this life. I make a point each day to ensure I am doing something to improve myself, to move forward, to achieve some miniscule little goal... just for ME! Maybe the crazy adventures and struggles I take on in my life will impact someone else. Maybe they will give up on trying to please everyone and put some eccentric meaning to this one life we've been given the opportunity to live. Maybe I'm just a little too caught up in my own frenzy.... but either way this will be fun!

If you're interested, here is a small slideshow of adventures slash crafty things I have done or gotten myself into over the past year...

NYE in Nashville. Where the year began...
A few outdoor activities...
A little girlfriend time...
A whitewater trip with some friends...
A seester Gatlinburg Getaway...
And the beginning of my newfound craftiness!

So with all that being said, I can't wait to delve in and share some of the incredible experiences I have gone through recently and have upcoming in the next several months. Be sure to check back soon and see what kind of Quarter Life Frenzy this gal is getting herself into!

xoxo, Brittany Katherine